Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is eBay Shopping More Fun with ZippyQuiz?

eBay shopping can be more fun, engaging and exciting for eBay buyers when they purchase from a seller using ZippyQuiz. New to the Open eBay App center is ZippyQuiz by MyStoreCredit.

ZippyQuiz brings a seller’s eBay listings to life with the use of fun quizzes in the listing to engage the buyer, plus buyers have an opportunity to earn cashback when they purchase from you.

An eBay buyer will take a fun ZippyQuiz and if they buy within the time you set (say 15 minutes after taking the quiz) they win cash-back after they complete purchase. You choose the amount of cash-back reward for right and wrong answers. Only buyers who BUY earn cashback. The quiz is fun and prompts buyers to make the purchase now in order to receive cashback.

How does ZippyQuiz work? Sign-up and either create your own quiz or use a quiz in their library. ZippyQuiz will automatically add a few lines of HTML code to your listings (or you can paste the HTML into your own template). The HTML code will show an interactive, fun trivia type quiz. Your buyer takes the quiz and finds out the cashback reward they will earn if they make a purchase from you.

eBay sellers can try out ZippyQuiz for free!

Video of Brian Lawe, CEO of MyStoreCredit, discussing new ZippyQuiz in the Open eBay App Center.

MyStoreCredit is an eBay Certified Solution Provider delivering a buyer loyalty and rewards program for eBay sellers and PayPal merchants known as, MyStoreRewards. In addition, MyStoreCredit also provides a solution to help sellers reach international buyers with the fun and visual application of MyStoreMaps.

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