Monday, June 21, 2010

eBay Certified Provider, Auctiva, Now Supports eBay Motors Parts Compatibility

eBay Certified Provider, Auctiva, Now Supports eBay Motors Parts Compatibility

Benefitting Auctiva eBay Motors Sellers

Parts Compatibility for eBay Motors is a more efficient way for sellers to list vehicle parts and accessories fitting many makes and models. Sellers no longer have to create and manage multiple listings of the same item in order to include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title for search exposure.

Instead, sellers can now create one listing describing a single part and add an extensive list of compatible vehicles in the new Compatibility tab eBay added in the listing description. The information included in the Compatibility tab will be searchable.

Listing with parts compatibility also helps buyers find parts that fit their vehicles more easily, because buyers will see more precise search results containing exact parts for their specific vehicle.

Auctiva, an eBay Certified Provider, now fully supports the new eBay Motors Parts Compatibility feature. eBay sellers can quickly create listings with parts compatibility right from Auctiva’s easy One-Page Lister tool. Users can find and select their part using eBay's catalog and compatibility data, or enter the information manually. Read more about Auctiva’s parts compatibility feature in Auctiva's Help section.

Getting the right fit
Parts compatibility listings will allow sellers to focus on describing the item they have for sale and not all the vehicles these parts are compatible with. Before parts compatibility, sellers would often create several listings for one product, knowing that buyers expected to see which vehicles these parts were compatible with in a listing's title.

"You can only fit so much into a title. You can't fit 20 different cars," - explains Mohan Patt, eBay Motors Senior Manager of Product Development. "Our sellers are very creative, so they would create 10 different listings for the same product."

Now sellers can create just one listing, pay one listing fee, focus on the part itself in their title and description, and add the compatibility information from eBay’s catalog or manually enter it. Sellers who use parts compatibility will also get a boost in Best Match.

"We are delighted to provide Auctiva sellers the ability to create these listings fully integrated with all of Auctiva tools. We strive to be the listing tool of choice for eBay sellers, and delivering parts compatibility listing capability is an important part of fulfilling that objective." – said Tony Maxey, Auctiva Senior Product Manager.

More details on the updates included in this latest release are available in this Auctiva Community Forum post.

Auctiva is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider offering listing management solutions and features for beginner -to mid-to high-volume eBay sellers.

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