Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New "Smart Lister" from inkFrog Combines an eBay Listing Tool with Research from Terapeak

Do you want to create eBay listings quickly while getting the research you need at the same time?

Then check out inkFrog’s new “Smart Lister” tool for eBay. Smart Lister combines inkFrog’s eBay listing tool technology with built in research data from Terapeak. The Smart Lister can provide the research a seller needs while they create their listing to determine the best listing strategy and pricing of the item.

“Let our Smart Lister optimize your listing to ensure it is listed with the optimal keywords, at the correct price point, duration, and time. Listing management is no longer just about templates and images. It's about using smart technology to ensure your items are found in searches and priced correctly.” – Greg Sisung, President of inkFrog

Smart Lister Features:
  • Smart Category Suggestion (find the best category for your item)
  • Title Optimizer (maximize the keywords in each item title)
  • Prime Words (learn what the top keywords are for each eBay category)
  • Takeoff Calculator (find the best date, time and duration to set your listing at for maximum exposure and profit)
  • Elite Examples (research similar sold items and learn from your competitors)
  • List to eBay.com, eBay.ca, eBay.co.uk, eBay.au, eBay.de and more
  • Add an unlimited number of images to your eBay listings
  • Choose a professional inkFrog template or use your own
  • And more…

“The Smart Lister was created to empower you to sell more effectively and increase your sales. Our goal is to ensure inkFrog sellers are the most effective sellers online.” – Sisung

inkFrog’s Smart Lister is compatible and utilizes their other eBay centric offerings such as the prefilled profiles, image hosting and design templates.

Check out inkFrog’s Smart Lister today! Try it free!

Founded in 1999, inkFrog, inc. is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider that helps save online sellers time, money, and sanity through inventory management, eBay listing tools, image hosting, and more.

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Anonymous said...

Smart Lister included 21 days of research, was not available, at the time, for foreign ebay sites, ebay motors and maybe a couple others. Terapeak has a free version that gives you 14 days of research, one week less, but it is free version. IF puts alot of advertising on your listings, customer support was, well, not worth the effort, promises to make features work never came to pass, new features rolled out that caused problems, communication about upcoming changes, new features, etc. is, well, none actually until members have problems and flock to the help forums. Those don't exist any longer so weigh these facts when choosing a listing service, no matter how many innovative features and tools they have