Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get to Know Your Business with Transaction Data from New Terapeak for PayPal

Recognizing the need for online sellers to better understand their transactional data, customers, and the effects of marketing and seasonal changes, Terapeak for PayPal was developed by Advanced.

Advanced, (Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems) recently announced in addition to their market research tool for eBay (Terapeak) they now provide analytics and data for PayPal (Terapeak for PayPal).

The new Terapeak for PayPal market research tool analyzes millions of raw PayPal transaction data to provide direct and relevant reports to an ecommerce merchant on their business and PayPal transactions. eBay sellers and ecommerce merchants of all sizes can use Terapeak for PayPal.

“...This new toolset allows sellers to put a microscope over their accounts and gain a thorough understanding of their customers...When used in combination with our Terapeak for eBay research, sellers can further increase the efficiency of their online stores.” - Fred Speckeen, Advanced/Terapeak CEO

Benefits of Terapeak for PayPal
Determine which platforms are most profitable - Compare your sales from eBay and other channels in a simple to read report. Evaluate taxes, net sales, fees, refunds and payments per platform and understand where your buyers are making their purchases.

Review your sales at the category level - Currency reporting, by country - understand which currencies are you receiving, and how much they cost in fees and conversion costs - Evaluate your global business and find opportunities to save money.

Get to know your customer - View sales, payments, average prices and sales growth by gender and target your demographic more specifically.

Marketing and selling strategy, have you made a change? - Try new marketing opportunities or change selling strategies and view the impact to your business as-it-happens for each platform. Evaluate the results of your marketing and strategy changes on sales instantly.

Performance and Benchmarking goal setting - Set a goal for sales, payments, refunds, and other metrics to track your company's progress. Determine the amount of sales, payments, fees, refunds, average price or taxes you wish to target, and receive to-the-minute updates on where you are en route to goals.

Check out Terapeak for PayPal now!

Terapeak for PayPal is an additional market research tool to Terapeak for eBay. If you are already subscribed to Terapeak for eBay and would like to add Terapeak for PayPal, you will need to sign-up for Terapeak for PayPal here.

Terapeak for PayPal has a “lite” version you can try for free.

Terapeak is an eBay Certified Provider and a member of the eBay Market Data Program. Terapeak 5.0 is a full, web-based solution providing real-time market research and data analytics on eBay. Terapeak 5.0 provides eBay sellers and buyers with two years worth of trending data.

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