Monday, June 28, 2010

eBay Workshop June 29th - "How to 'Jump Start' eBay Motors Sales with Parts Compatibility"

Topic: How to 'Jump Start' eBay Motors Sales with Parts Compatibility. A “how-to” workshop with solutions & services for all eBay Motors sellers

Host: Infopia

Date: Tuesday, June 29th

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Location: eBay Workshop Board

Description: Shifting your business to utilize eBay Parts Compatibility can be an intimidating prospect. This “how-to” workshop presents 'Jump Start' services for Infopia and non-Infopia eBay sellers.

The workshop will also include demonstrations of Infopia’s unique manual fitment functionality, including the ability to map the fitments of Brand Name parts to their generic equivalents. Infopia Fitment products have been designed for ease of management and long-term maintainability.

Topics and demonstration will include:

  • One time and on-going EPID Matching to both
  • Manufacturer or Brand for any Seller
  • Structured fitment data upload for manual fitment
  • Use of “similar to” capabilities to match fitments of Brand Name parts to Generic Equivalents
  • Creation of new fitment-enabled listings utilizing
  • Ad Factories and Custom Schedules
  • Using Product Catalogue
  • Auto-generation of multiple listings optimized for eBay maximum fitments per listing.

Founded in 1999, Infopia provides (Software as a Service) eCommerce solutions—helping eBay sellers grow their business efficiently and effectively.

Visit to learn more about eBay Certified Providers and the services and solutions they offer to help an eBay seller grow their business.


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