Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update and Edit Your eBay Listings Quickly with Froo! Bulk Revision

No matter how many eBay listings a seller has live on the site or stored, making revisions to the item(s) can be a painstaking task. With Froo! Bulk Revision, eBay sellers can easily and in bulk, change many elements of their eBay listings to attract even more buyers and close the sale.

Froo! Bulk Revision (by Frooition) is an easy to use application allowing eBay sellers to make changes to their live listings in bulk. Sellers can change item titles, descriptions, increase and decrease prices and more!

Change any of the following features within your active and stored eBay listings/inventory:

Find & Replace eBay Item Titles
If an eBay seller needs to change their item titles in bulk (active and stored listings), they can use Froo!’s find and replace title tool. Easily update item titles for enhanced search and strategy.

Find, Replace and Add to eBay Item Descriptions
eBay sellers can search and replace single words or full paragraphs in an eBay item description (active & stored listings) in a fluid manner to keep the listing information current and in adherence to changing eBay policies as needed.

In addition to editing current item descriptions, a seller can also use Froo! Bulk Revision to add important information to the bottom of an eBay item description.

Returns Policy
Update your returns policies on all eBay listings at once! Write a new policy, select the relevant listings and apply the changes in bulk. An especially useful feature if a supplier has changed their shipping or returns policy, thereby affecting the seller.

Start Price
Stay on top of the competition and maintain a competitive edge on eBay by adjusting the starting price on eBay Auctions or modify the selling price on Fixed Price items (within eBay guidelines).
eBay sellers can increase or decrease the Buy It Now price on eBay listings either by setting it to a certain amount, altering by a percentage or adding/subtracting a set amount from many prices in bulk!

Froo! Bulk Revision tool can edit more aspects of an eBay listing. To check out the Froo! Bulk Revision tool and learn more, go to the eBay App Store. A free trial is available.

Frooition is a leading provider of eBay store and listing designs. Frooition provide design services for most other online sales channels as well as website design. Frooition has been working with the eBay platform more than 4 years and has clients in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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