Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Increase Sales and Reduce Labor Costs with Custom Development by JDT Technologies

eBay Certified Provider Spotlight

JDT Technologies provides consulting services and custom eBay programming to help high-volume sellers achieve the next level of success. JDT can integrate eBay and other channels listing and post auction processes with your inventory, sales order/fulfillment, CRM or accounting solution.


  • Custom eBay operation software operating in real-time
  • Connect eBay listings to your product data
  • Accurately tie and track inventory across multiple channels (online and retail)
  • Create an order fulfillment and shipment system for your business
  • Connect eBay sales to your accounting system/software


  • Stick to the platform of your choice
  • Implement your business rules
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease costs and inefficiencies
  • Integrate with your internal or partner systems
  • Increase sales and get a custom shipping calculator with a custom built checkout solution
  • Create a custom solution from the ground up
  • Create a solution to work with current eBay tools
  • Create a solution to integrate with current retail business operational solutions

eBay sellers interested in having a custom solution built for their eBay, ecommerce and retail business can look into contacting JDT.

How to contact JDT Technologies for a free consultation

  • Phone - 800-252-5519
  • Email -
  • Webform -

Check out JDT Technologies work with eBay sellers and the success of their custom solutions for each unique business.

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