Thursday, January 28, 2010

New eBay Certified Provider, B-Stock Solutions, Brings Unique Product Sourcing Opportunities to eBay Sellers

New eBay Certified Provider, B-Stock Solutions

The eBay Certified Provider Program is excited to offer sellers more inventory and product sourcing opportunities with the addition of B-Stock Solutions to the program.

B-Stock Solutions opens supply sources for smaller resellers, like eBay sellers, who have previously been unable to buy directly from Fortune 2000 retailers and manufacturers. eBay sellers can purchase direct from the large retailers, manufacturers and liquidators. With B-Stock, sellers can bypass purchasing through middlemen that paying extra fees or markups.

B-Stock understands the challenges an eBay seller encounters when trying to develop new, reliable sources of quality inventory. They help answer this challenge by delivering private auction marketplaces allowing registered eBay sellers to bid on inventory in lots/palettes, pay securely and arrange safe shipment. B-Stock creates a predictable, dependable source of supply for eBay sellers.


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Home, Bed & Bath
  • Cosmetics
  • Media
  • New categories added frequently

Inventory conditions include:

  • Brand new overstock
  • Out of season
  • Returns
  • Refurbished


  • Buy liquidation inventory directly from large retailers and manufacturers
  • Peace of mind in purchasing authentic inventory
  • Purchased inventory can be shipped to eBay seller’s location or arrange to pick-up
  • Alerted to new inventory opportunities

Founded in 2008, B-Stock Solutions creates private marketplaces for large retailers, manufacturers and liquidators enabling them to offer their inventory direct to eBay sellers.


Anne's Attic said...

I understand that eBay is eager to help smaller sellers on eBay to source inventory, but they really need to check out the process that eBay sellers have to go through with these companies.
The provider website and blog are both geared toward getting large companies to sell the provider their merchandise. For me, the small buyer, there is nowhere to view items offered or even get an idea of what will be offered, minimum order amounts, etc.
Instead, all I can do is sign up for a mailing list, that has yet to send me a confirmation email that is required to "complete the process"
To really see how little time eBay takes in checking out these providers and how easy/hard it is for eBay sellers to work with the companies, note that this comment, on an eBay site, about an eBay Certified Provider, does not even allow me to post with my eBay name, I have to have a GGOGLE account.

eBay Certified Provider Program said...

Hello Anne's Attic,

To give you more information on B-Stock Solutions -

B-Stock creates private auction marketplaces for large retailers, manufacturers and liquidators to put their merchandise up for bid. Merchandise sold is usually items that were returned to the store, out of season, etc…

eBay sellers register ahead of time with B-Stock to participate in an auction and then when the auctions start they bid on the lots/palettes of their choice. Sellers know what type of merchandise they are purchasing and the condition it is in.

There is no cost to the seller to register with B-Stock Solutions. Sellers only incur costs when they win an auction and shipping costs if that is not included.

eBay sellers will need to have a valid reseller or tax ID certificate in order to purchase inventory from the large retailers, manufacturers and liquidators that B-Stock supports. eBay sellers must be registered as a “real” business.

If you'd like to learn more about B-Stock solutions, listen on eBay Radio today at Noon PST.

Our eBay Certified Provider blog is hosted by Blogspot, a popular blog solution provided by Google. That is why you were required to login with a Google account to leave a comment. Although you should be able to leave anonymous comments w/out a Google account.

Certified Providers are companies we have vetted to be part of the program. In addition to other criteria, Certified Providers must have extensive experience with eBay, pass certification exams and provide a number of proven customer references checked by eBay.

If you have other questions about the eBay Certified Provider program or the participants, you can contact us at our eBay discussion board here -


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