Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seller Sourcebook Launches Support of eBay Multi-Variation Fixed Price Format

eBay Certified Solution Provider, Seller Sourcebook, now supports eBay’s Multi-Variation Fixed Price Listing Format.

Multi-variation Fixed Price listings allow sellers to include multiple variations of one product (such as color and size) in one low-cost, multi-quantity Fixed Price listing, and price each variation differently.

“We wanted to respond quickly to requests for support of listings with variations,” - Kristen Rice, Founder and CEO of Seller Sourcebook. “We strive to deliver a great listing experience and seamless support for our members.”

eBay sellers using Seller Sourcebook for listing, design and photo hosting now have the added luxury of saving time and money by condensing applicable listings into a Multi-Variation Fixed Price Format.

The variation option is the perfect solution for sellers who are listing items with multiple variations, such as different sizes and colors. Listing time and fees are reduced as the seller is able to place their items in one listing that encompasses all variations. For example, an eBay seller could create a listing to combine all the colors and sizes of their inventory of Lands' End Women's Fine Gauge Cotton Cardigans and charge $29.95 for regular sizes and $39.95 for plus sizes.

eBay sellers can revise their active listings to include multi-variations with Seller Sourcebook’s listing tool per eBay’s policies.

Founded in 2003, Seller Sourcebook provides an affordable eBay listing tool, image hosting and a large selection of attractive templates to assist sellers in creating professional listings on eBay.

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