Monday, October 19, 2009

eBay Workshop Oct 22nd - Save Time on Shipping: For Bulk and One Off Printing! Right from My eBay!

Host: ShipRush

Date: October 22nd, Thursday

Time: 11AM - Noon PST

Location: eBay Workshop Board


After the buyer checks out, the seller's work starts! Reliable post-sale order processing is a must-have. It can be quite exhausting managing the information, getting packing lists and shipping labels dealt with, etc.

My.ShipRush streamlines the whole post-sale process from shipping to communication. Saving eBay sellers a lot of time (and time is money!). Please join Rafael Zimberoff, ShipRush Product Manager for Z-Firm to learn how My.ShipRush can help eBay sellers easily manage all shipments and communications.

New to the eBay Selling Manager Applications, or commonly referred to as eBay's App Store, is My.ShipRush. My.ShipRush was created by the folks at Z-Firm and is a new version of ShipRush, embedded in My eBay or Selling Manager.

ShipRush is an eBay Certified Solution Provider and one of the third party providers included in the new Selling Manager Applications feature. To learn more, visit Selling Manager Applications.

Visit to learn more about eBay Certified Providers and the services and solutions they offer to help eBay sellers.

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michael said...

This feature would be nice if it worked. After a year of loving this program, I came into work one day to have my computer tell me the software is not licensed and would not run. The ShipRush company has no idea why. They now will not return my emails. I loved the program when it worked!