Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Use the Selling Manager Applications Product Sourcing Tool by Worldwide Brands

Article by Worldwide Brands - this is a series of 14 blog posts providing information on how to find inventory and products to sell on eBay from wholesalers with Worldwide Brands and their Product Sourcing Tool for eBay.

Article #5 - Using the Product Research Tool

To sell successfully on eBay you need a regular supply of quality products at the right price from reputable and reliable wholesale suppliers. You also need current information about demand and supply on the Internet. You need to know who you will be competing with; and you certainly need information about competitive prices.

How Do You Perform Product Research Quickly?
You can do keyword searches on Google for hours. You can explore thousands of wholesale websites looking for products to sell. You can call hundreds of wholesalers – even manufacturers – to establish if they will support an online retailer and allow you to sell their products on eBay. Doing it this way takes an enormous amount of time and is a lot of work. But you need to start selling quickly to make money.

eBay sellers can now subscribe to the Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tool for eBay as part of the Selling Manager Applications, also known as eBay's App Store. In order to subscribe/add various selling applications to your eBay account, you will need sign-up for Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. Selling Manager is now free! Sign up here.

In addition to eBay’s excellent education resources and tools, a number of additional productivity tools are offered for sale by eBay’s Certified Solution Providers. One of these is Worldwidebrand's Product Research Tool and Wholesale Database of more than 8,000 wholesale suppliers including drop shippers, light bulk wholesalers, volume wholesalers, importers and liquidators.

Quick video tour will show you how you can save time with the Product Sourcing tool.

Check out Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tool today! 7 Day Free Trial is available.

Worldwide Brands is an eBay Certified Solution Provider, providing product sourcing access and information for eBay sellers. They are the publishers of an extensive directory of legitimate, fully-verified ecommerce wholesalers and manufacturers.

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