Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terapeak Brings eBay Market Research Direct to My eBay and Selling Manager

Soon eBay sellers will be able to access eBay market research right within their My eBay, thanks to Terapeak and the new Selling Manager Applications.

Terapeak is a market research tool helping eBay sellers price their items through research determining market demand. Terapeak Marketplace Research can help sellers find hot new items to sell and improve their existing eBay listings.

Sellers that subscribe to the Terapeak application as part of the new Selling Manager Applications, will have research and product performance right in My eBay.

Benefits of using Terapeak within Selling Manager are:
  • Comfort - peace of mind knowing the company and application are vetted by eBay
  • Ease of use - sellers already know My eBay
  • Billing - free trial period then automatic billing with PayPal
"We can help you find your niche on eBay." - Andrew Sukow; Founder, CTO & Vice President of Terapeak

Terapeak is an eBay Certified Provider and a member of the eBay Market Data Program. Terapeak offers real-time market research and data analytics on eBay. Terapeak provides eBay sellers and buyers with two years worth of trending data.

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