Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Infopia Helps eBay Sellers and Online Retailers Efficiently Manage Return Merchandise

Infopia announced new functionality in their comprehensive solution for ecommerce retailers and eBay sellers, Return Merchandise Authorization.

Infopia, an eBay Certified Solution Provider, centralizes and automates an eBay seller’s business through a single all-in-one solution. Now, sellers can automate more of their business by reducing the amount of time and money they spend handling returns or RMAs.

The new functionality allows customers to create Return Merchandise Authorizations or RMAs inside the Infopia Transact system. This allows an eBay seller or their customer service representatives to:
  • Search for and view the orders to be returned
  • Select items from the orders to be returned
  • Adjust recommended refunds on the RMA by changing prices, discounts and shipping charges
  • Apply restocking fees
  • Reject returns, with notes on the original order
  • Submit the RMA order to the Infopia Transact system, where it is tied to the original order for tracking
  • Add notes to both the original and the RMA order, to ensure no mix ups
  • Edit the RMA order
  • Create replacement orders

The new RMA functionalities will allow for a more thorough and customer friendly return process for Infopia clients.

eBay sellers interested in using a full service, multi-channel solution for their online and retail business should contact Infopia directly and discuss their needs to decide if Infopia offers the right tool for them.

Founded in 1999, Infopia provides (Software as a Service) eCommerce solutions—helping eBay sellers grow their business efficiently and effectively.

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