Monday, August 10, 2009

eBay Workshop August 13th - "Save Time & Money Shipping and Increase Repeat Purchases"

Workshop: Save Time & Money Shipping and Increase Repeat Purchases

Host: ShipWorks
Date: Thursday, August 13th
Time: 11AM PST
Location: eBay Workshop Board

Description: In this workshop, we'll look at how ShipWorks helps you save time shipping with their quick, automated printing of address labels, posting of tracking info in My eBay and shipping tracking notification emails sent to your buyers for multiple carriers. Plus, ShipWorks will show you how they can help you manage, organize and report on customer interactions and their purchase volume with you. You'll be able to understand who YOUR top buyers are and market more effectively to those buyers in order to increase repeat purchases.

Visit to learn more about eBay Certified Providers and the services and solutions they offer to help eBay sellers.

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