Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand Out from the Crowd with Advanced Photo Features for eBay

You can increase buyer confidence and capture more bids with great pictures. Make the most out of your eBay item pictures and provide a visual shopping experience for eBay buyers. Pictures attract attention. Put your best “picture” forward and give your buyers a clear and detailed view of your eBay items.

eBay Certified Providers can help you show your product in its best light through Advanced Picture Services:

  • Image hosting
  • Bulk image uploading
  • Super sizing
  • Zoom ("zoom" in to view sections of the image in detail)
  • Watermarking
  • Image protection
  • Image management (organize)
  • Image editing (crop, resize, rotate and enhance color)


  • Increase bids, conversion and DSRs through accurate and informative product representation
  • Reduce Unpaid items and “Significantly Not As Described” (SNAD) claims
  • Save time and money by optimizing your listing and image workflow

For photo hosting, easy uploads, image protection, image management and more, check out our eBay Certified Providers.

Certified Providers:








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Established in 2004, the eBay Certified Provider Program recognizes third party companies excelling at providing the tools or services an eBay seller needs to grow their business and increase efficiency.

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