Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Custom eBay Solution and Tool Development by CanDo

CanDo is an eBay Certified Solution Provider of custom development. CanDo has experience developing solutions on eBay for eBay sellers that reduce costs and streamline business processes. In addition, CanDo has been hired by eBay, Inc. on special projects for eBay, PayPal and ProStores.

eBay and PayPal Projects by CanDo:

eBay sellers may not fit a cookie cutter mold or adhere to a one-size-fits-all model. They have different selling needs and different pain points. There are times when an eBay seller does not find an existing listing tool (eBay or Third Party) that works for their business. In these instances a possible answer is to look into custom development by CanDo.

Benefits of CanDo:

  • Create the exact solution you need

  • Create a web and or desktop solution

  • Experienced eBay and PayPal developers

  • No need to use a cookie-cutter selling tool, manage your eBay business just the way you want to

  • Leading developer of AJAX, DHTML, XML and Web 2.0 applications

eBay sellers interested in custom development to help manage and streamline their eBay business or other aspects and channels of their business, look into CanDo.

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