Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Research + Education = Successful eBay Selling

"Good Morning America" recently featured an eBay seller turned Trading Assistant making a successful living on eBay. If you watch the GMA video, you will notice one of the eBay seller's secrets to success is to know how much an item is worth on eBay and how likely it is the item will sell before investing more time and effort. To determine the likely success of an item and the average sale price, the seller used Terapeak's market research tool for eBay.

eBay sellers using Terapeak can answer the questions, "What do buyers want?" "How much is a buyer willing to pay for an item?"

Terapeak is an eBay Certified Provider and eBay Market Data Program member offering an easy-to-use, market research tool that provides real-time eBay sales and data analytics. eBay sellers can access two years worth of trending information and 90 days of item specific data across eBay.com, eBay Motors and international eBay sites with Terapeak.

If you are interested in either becoming a Trading Assistant in your area like the seller featured in the story, or perhaps you would like to learn how to get started selling your own items on eBay, we recommend contacting one of our eBay Certified Providers specializing in education and marketing consulting and strategy on eBay. Check out WhatDoISell and The Queen of Auctions for assistance with how to get started selling on eBay or how to take your eBay selling to the next level.

Terapeak, WhatDoISell and The Queen of Auctions are all members of the eBay Certified Provider Program. The eBay Certified Provider Program recognizes third party companies excelling at providing the tools or services an eBay seller needs to grow their business and increase efficiency.

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