Monday, August 9, 2010

eBay Certified Provider Spotlight - MERCENT

Mercent delivers inventory management and marketing technology services for retail merchants across many online channels. As an eBay Certified Solution Provider, Mercent provides a solution for retail merchants to integrate eBay as a sales channel or for existing eBay sellers to optimize their sales and efficiency on eBay.

Mercent Retail for eBay is an automated solution allowing retailers and eBay sellers to launch and manage high-volume, fixed-price, and multiple-quantity sales on eBay. Mercent Retail is integrated and able to support eBay Fixed Price listing formats and PayPal.


Complete product and order feed integration

  • Ensure product listings are always synchronized with back-end systems
  • Automated, no manual downloading of order reports or uploading inventory figures
  • Accurate real-time product data, inventory and price information

Streamlined product catalog management

  • Map products and categories to the best performing eBay categories
  • Automated content rules to apply content changes

Comprehensive analytics

  • Track and report on the revenue, profits, cost-per-order, and other key retail advertising metrics associated with orders on eBay and other online shopping channels
  • View performance by category, individual product SKU and more
  • Generate reports by channel or across channels


  • Large retailers can easily add eBay as an online selling channel
  • Tight integration with existing retail systems for accurate inventory tracking, pricing, fulfillment and order information
  • Automated monitoring and management of transactions across all channels
  • Reach maximum revenue and profitability

Large retailers SmartBargains and Altrec have successfully incorporated eBay as a sales channel through the technology and assistance of Mercent.

Mercent is a great fit for large retailers or manufacturers to add eBay to their multi-channel solution. They are also a good fit for Diamond and some Titanium eBay PowerSellers.

If interested, contact Mercent at:

Mercent is an eBay Certified Provider integrating large retailers with eBay using the new Large Merchant Services (LMS) API, providing the ability to handle the scalability requirements of large sellers, including catalogs and transaction volumes and back end integration with current systems including POS.

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