Friday, March 26, 2010

Infopia and ChannelAdvisor are First to Support eBay Motors Parts Compatibility

If you sell parts that fit multiple vehicles on eBay Motors, some of our Certified Providers can help.

Parts compatibility is a more efficient way for sellers to list parts that fit many vehicles. Sellers no longer have to create and manage many listings or to include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title to ensure that their items appear in search results. Instead, sellers can create one listing describing a single part and add an extensive list of compatible vehicles in the new Compatibility tab that we have created in the listing description. The information included in the Compatibility tab will be searchable.

Listing with parts compatibility also helps buyers find parts that fit their vehicles more easily, because buyers will see more precise search results containing exact parts for their specific vehicle.

Seller Benefits:

Save on listing time and Insertion Fees. With parts compatibility, you don’t have to list one part multiple times to ensure all compatible vehicles appear in search —a huge savings in Insertion Fees and time spent managing and creating listings.

Get a boost in search results. Listings with parts compatibility information will get an extra boost in search results. Since we use information from both the Compatibility tab in your listing and your title to match the buyer's search, you can now dedicate all 55 characters in your title for popular keywords like brand name and part number. Your listing will show up in more—and more relevant—buyer searches.

Gain more satisfied buyers. Parts compatibility helps increase buyers’ confidence that they’re purchasing parts that will fit their vehicles, and also helps reduce questions and returned items.

Starting in March 2010, compatibility listings will be available in certain sub-categories on a gradual roll out schedule. You can list with parts compatibility in the U.S. on eBay and on eBay Motors in the following sub-categories of Car & Truck Parts as they become available: Lighting, Lamps & Accessories, Air Intake & Fuel Delivery, Exterior, Tires and Wheels.

Parts compatibility should be available in all sub-categories in the following categories by the end of 2010:
  • Car & Truck Parts
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts

Sellers in the categories enabled for parts compatibility can take advantage of this new way of listing with a listing and inventory management solution from the Certified Providers listed below.

Certified Providers:




Anonymous said...

Where is the Beef this looks like fluff?

eBay Certified Provider Program said...


Let us know what details you need about the new eBay Motors Parts & Compatibility feature.

The initial article was a quick overview to highlight what Parts Compatibility is, who can benefit from this new feature and which Certified Providers support it.


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