Thursday, March 25, 2010

eBay Sellers Can List Faster with Product Details and Certified Providers

List even faster when you use eBay Product Details!

Quickly fill out item descriptions and add photos when listing to eBay with Product Details. Depending on your item and the category you are listing in on eBay, you may be able to include information from our catalogs in your listing, known as product details. Adding product detail information not only makes listing easier, but also helps your items gain added visibility on eBay in our product details page.

Some categories contain items associated with products in our catalogs. If you are listing in one of these categories, you'll be able to add product details along with a stock photo from our catalog to your listing.

Product details can help you create complete listing descriptions that are more visible and appealing to buyers in the categories: Books, Movies, Music, Video Games, Digital Cameras, PDAs and Cell Phones.

  • Easier, faster listing
  • More complete and detailed descriptions
  • Item visibility in product details page—easier for buyers to find your listing
  • Can be added to your existing listing templates

eBay Certified Providers provide listing tools supporting product details, thereby allowing you to list even faster, easier and manage your inventory.

Certified Providers work with all levels of eBay sellers from beginners to advanced PowerSellers to online retailers.

Certified Providers:




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