Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Tips to Increase Online Sales by Shopster

Article by Shopster

eBay sellers and online retail store owners achieve success mainly due to their product offerings. With that, most sellers believe that what works offline (in the brick and mortar stores) will also work when they build an online store. But the truth is far from it. The internet offers retailers much more in terms of potential profit, simply because overhead cost is less. But to really use the internet to your advantage, here are some tips to help you out:
  1. Offer unique product information. Unlike in real stores, online shoppers won’t be able to touch and feel the products you are selling. They will rely on pictures and the information you provide to help them decide. Manufacturers often provide the basic product descriptions. But you have to remember, these descriptions are also being used by other retailers. If you have the time, create your own descriptions using your familiarity with the product.
  2. Encourage consumer reviews. You can do this by adding a feedback form, an application that allows product star ratings, or simply by putting up a page that highlights customer testimonials. Today’s consumers usually look for reviews first before they make any purchase decision. Keep it honest and real to establish credibility.
  3. Don’t discount the power of search engine optimization. Add the right keywords and build links to your site to improve your visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Doing so can increase the number of visitors to your online store. The more visitors to your site, the higher the potential for sales.
  4. Cross-sell and upsell. Improve your product page such that it features related products you sell online. During the shopping stage, if your potential buyer realizes that the product they are currently looking at is not the one he or she wants to buy right away, then at least offer other options.
  5. After-sales service and customer support matter. The real reason people would come back and want to buy from your is based on how you treat your customers. Be transparent about your policies (delivery, return, etc), any guarantees and all costs. Be ready to answer calls and help resolve issues.

Increasing your sales online is about bringing in quality visitors to your eBay Store and listings. Encourage buyers to make a purchase and ensure they have a good buying experience. Hopefully, they will recommend you to others and become loyal customers.

Shopster is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider providing additional product and inventory for eBay sellers through dropshipping. Shopster has customers in 22 countries and provides full service dropshipping to both the United States and Canada.

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