Friday, September 11, 2009

Understanding Trade Reference When Purchasing from Wholesalers by Worldwide Brands

By Chris Malta, Founder & CEO of Worldwide Brands

Wholesale Tips Series - How to find wholesalers, doing business with a wholesaler, what to expect when purchasing from wholesalers and more.

Tip #20

If you want an account with a genuine wholesale supplier, they will first need to determine your credit worthiness. The wholesaler’s credit department will ask you for Trade References. In a Trade Reference, you provide contact details for businesses that have traded with your business in the past. You provide a telephone (fax or email address). The wholesaler’s credit department will contact people you have previously bought from in order to research your purchase, payment and credit history.

If you are a new eBay Seller, you may not have any prior business credit history. You will have no option but to pay up front using your credit card until you have established a good track record of purchasing and paying on time with your wholesale supplier. Remember, this wholesale supplier will become a Trade Reference to help you secure credit terms with other wholesalers (provided your payment history with that wholesaler is good.)

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