Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Researching the “Popularity Factor” can Help You Determine What to Buy in Bulk and Sell on eBay by Vendio

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Many sellers purchasing from wholesales get quantity discounts. While we have thousands and thousands of sellers who use our award winning Vendio Research to determine how to sell a product in hand, Research is also great for determining how to purchase in quantity. In other words, you can use Vendio Research to help you determine what to buy and in what quantities. This is even true of products that are NOT on eBay at all yet. It is possible to bring a new product to the eBay market, and still use Research to help you determine your purchase quantities.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to purchase Birthstone Pens and no one else is currently selling them on eBay. Your supplier offers a quantity discount when you purchase 300 pens. Now, typically you might think, I’ll divide 12 months into 300 pens which equals 25 of each month. Simple, right? No, the smarter way to buy in bulk is to first realize that not all birthstones sell the same.

Using Vendio Research, we quickly looked up the eBay data on birthstone sales in the last 90 days. As the chart below illustrates, December birthstones have a 13% success rate, while April has 29%!! What this implies is that you’ll sell more of your April Birthstone Pens. Therefore, if you had purchased a quantity of 25 of each month, you’d be left with more unpopular pens and will need to fix-forward when reordering. Vendio Research can help you determine the “popularity factor” when it comes to purchase choices.

This can apply to virtually any type of merchandise where there is a selection to choose from. For example:

  • What color is more popular for T-shirts, iPods, or even cars?
  • What sports team or Disney actor is the most popular (on eBay)?
  • What sizes are popular sizes for shoes, rings, jeans?

There is an old saying that the profit is made when an item is purchased, so going into a purchase armed with data can help profits. Many sellers will go ahead and research an item in hand, but apply guesswork when it comes to purchasing. With all the data at your fingertips from Vendio Research, there is no reason for you not to quickly gain an advantage with purchase decisions and ensure greater profits.

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