Friday, July 17, 2009

Tools to Help You Easily Update eBay Listings to Include Return Policy and Handling Time

Update - Sellers on eBay are now required to specify a return policy and handling time when they sell items. This is true even if the seller's return policy is not to accept returns.

eBay sellers can easily update all their listings to comply with eBay’s new policy with the help of our eBay Certified Providers. Easily revise listings in bulk and add your return policy and handling time. Including live listings and stored inventory.

  • Bulk search and replace text in Item Description
  • Ability to edit any section of an eBay listing
  • Edit stored, scheduled and live inventory
  • Edit and update listings for multiple eBay IDs
  • Will not lose Recent Sales score

While all Listing tools offer bulk management of eBay items, some eBay Certified Providers offer the ability to bulk search and replace, allowing you to efficiently change your listings to adhere to eBay policies.

Certified Providers:

ChannelAdvisor - Premium

All tools adhere to eBay policies on revising listings, and keep your recent sales where policy allows. See our listing revision policy for more information.

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