Monday, July 20, 2009

Make Use of eBay Buyer Incentives in Your Checkout

eBay is working hard to bring you buyers by offering purchase incentives to buyers in the form of eBay coupons, eBay Bucks and cash back rewards with other online partners. All at no cost to you!

eBay sellers may be using a Certified Provider offering additional checkout features through their own checkout (Third Party Checkout) instead of eBay checkout.

  • Verification of buyer incentive support right in View Item Page
  • Reduce contacts from buyers
  • Improve DSR scores
  • Increase sales through more visibility and greater buyer savings
  • Reduce unpaid items by requiring Immediate Pay (coming in October)

It’s important to note which Certified Provider you are using or considering and which version of PayPal checkout the Certified Provider supports to ensure your eBay buyers are able to maximize and use their eBay coupons and other incentives.

Some third party checkout users may not be able to accept certain eBay incentives depending which version of PayPal checkout they use. View our detailed chart here.

To take advantage of all buyer incentives eBay has to offer, we recommend using the latest version of PayPal Express Checkout with your Third Party Checkout from an eBay Certified Provider.

Certified Providers:

If you are a seller using eBay checkout, there’s nothing you need to do. All incentives are compatible.

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