Friday, July 31, 2009

eBay Workshops Past, Present and Future Contain Information You Need to Save Money, Save Time and Grow

eBay Workshops are a great learning experience for sellers to learn about the different opportunities available to them to help their eBay business grow and at the same time streamline their manual processes to be more efficient.

In the eBay workshops, we invite a Certified Provider to host a workshop on a topic they are well versed and experienced with. Certified Providers are third party companies, partnered with eBay, and have the expertise and experience to assist an eBay seller in growing their eBay business.

Upcoming Workshop:
Past Workshops: *review the workshops at any time, even after the scheduled timeslot*
If you have questions about the past workshops in 2009, post your questions in our Certified Provider Discussion Board.

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james said...

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