Friday, July 10, 2009

Auctiva Provides Easy-to-Use and Cost Effective Solutions for eBay Sellers

Auctiva, an eBay Certified Solution Provider, offers a low cost listing tool for new to medium size eBay sellers. Most eBay sellers may be familiar with Auctiva for their scrolling galleries in item descriptions cross-promoting a seller’s other eBay listings.

Examples of Auctiva Gallery (scrolling gallery)

Auctiva provides a simple listing tool comparable to the eBay SYI. The advantage of Auctiva over SYI is that sellers can create custom profiles.

For example: A seller of books and computers will have different shipping costs and information for their books than they will for computers. The seller can create a shipping profile for their books specifying medial mail shipping costs and a separate profile for their computers with shipping costs set for UPS ground. Once a profile is created, when sellers list with Auctiva they just need to click the profile they want to use and add their pictures and the listing is done.

Benefits of Auctiva:
  • One-page listing tool
  • Up to 1GB (10,000 images) of image hosting
  • Image protection through watermarking
  • Scheduling and auto-relisting
  • Checkout – optional to use eBay Checkout or Auctiva Checkout (More on Third Party Checkout)
  • Consignment features for trading assistants
  • Sales tools and reports to understand transaction status
  • Save time with scheduling and automation of your listing management process
  • Increase traffic to your listings or eBay Store with their scrolling gallery

Check out Auctiva if you are new to eBay or a seller interested in an inexpensive listing tool to help you save time and increase eBay sales.

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