Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vendio's Research Tools for eBay Provide Results

Vendio, an eBay Certified Provider, may be most well known to eBay sellers as a listing and inventory management tool. Did you know Vendio offers many tools and applications separate from their listing tool? Including an eBay market research tool?

Vendio's eBay Research tools help eBay sellers identify what items to sell on eBay, sell more profitably and research your competition. Vendio Research analyzes millions of closed eBay items every day in order to provide eBay sellers comprehensive and customizable selling recommendations.

Features of Vendio's eBay Reserach tools are:
  • How to Sell
  • Top Keywords
  • Top eBay Sellers
  • Clustering Technology (think smart search, removes irrelevant items)
  • eBay Motors data (Parts & Accessories and VEHICLES)
  • Smart Research (new, commodity items)
  • Full Data Set Research (collectibles, vintage and rare items)
  • and more!

Vendio recently posted an article on their blog providing insight into how to use their different eBay research tools. Read the full blog post here.

An eBay Certified Solutions Provider since 2004, Vendio provides an ecommerce solution for eBay sellers of all sizes. Vendio offers a series of applications which can be installed on a standalone basis or used to extend the functionality of the Vendio's eBay listing and inventory management solution.

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