Thursday, March 4, 2010

eBay Certified Provider KYOZOU Helps Sellers Maximize Efficiency

eBay Certified Provider Spotlight

Kyozou is a full featured listing management solution helping eBay sellers to automate and organize many aspects of their eBay business, other online channels and their brick-and-mortar store.

Many of eBay’s larger sellers (Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond) use a solution such as Kyozou. Kyozou allows for multi-channel inventory management, online ad creation, shopping comparison site feeds and all post-sale activities (on eBay and other channels).

Kyozou's Unique Features -
1. Consignment
Unique tools and features for consignment and Trading Assistant sellers allowing them to track their consignors, sales, commissions and even print checks.

2. Multiple Location and Warehouse Management
Supports inventory management, tracking and shipping from multiple warehouse locations. Know which warehouse has the product and ship direct from that warehouse location to the buyer.

3. Bar coded inventory and warehouse management system
Kyozou supports the most common and easy to find printers and barcode scanners on the market. Allowing sellers to easily scan in inventory and manage sales with current bar coding products or system.

4. Kyozou Widget
Kyozou’s Widget allows all eBay sellers to promote their products across many online forums, social networking sites, blogs, etc…

Benefits of Kyozou:
  • Sell more efficiently
  • Automated integration with online marketing venues
  • Single shopping cart integration over multiple selling venues
  • Supports Third Party Checkout for eBay
  • Free auction templates, counters, galleries and web hosting
  • Automated integration with online marketing venues
  • Multi-user access and live production monitoring
  • Multiple currencies, languages and international tax profiling
  • All major payment and shipping carriers supported
  • Ship with ease and keep track of all shipments from multiple warehouse/store locations

eBay sellers looking for a tool with comprehensive multi-channel listing and inventory management should look into Kyozou.

Sales – Contact Kyozou through or by calling toll-free at 1-877-596-9681.

Sellers can request a live Demo of Kyozou -

Kyozou provides a robust application to help eBay sellers manage their sales online and offline while increasing efficiency.

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