Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eBay Sellers Can Save Time Updating Live eBay Listings in Bulk with Auctiva's Find and Replace (new to eBay's App Store)

Auctiva's new App for eBay, Find and Replace, allows eBay sellers to bulk edit the descriptions of multiple live eBay listings at once. With Auctiva Find and Replace, a seller can search for words or phrases in their listing descriptions, and replace with new content or updated policies.

Sellers can easily update their listings to employ new listing strategies or make changes per eBay policies.

  • Find and replace text in just 1 listing or 1,000 listings
  • Edit live eBay listings within minutes
  • Search for text by whole-word or partial words
  • Change descriptions in some or all of the targeted listings
  • Changes are made in accordance with eBay's policies
  • Easily undo find-and-replace changes
  • Free 24x7 technical support
  • International language support
  • Completely FREE!

Auctiva's Find & Replace application now available in “My eBay” as part of Selling Manager Applications. Also known as eBay's App Store.

Check out Auctiva's Find & Replace today!

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