Friday, January 15, 2010

ShipRush v7 Allows for Faster Processing of eBay Shipping Orders

ShipRush v7 introduces the new online, web portal My.ShipRush. eBay sellers currently using ShipRush will find new features available in My.ShipRush.

What's new with My.ShipRush
  • Share shipping history with users who do not have ShipRush such as customer service staff
  • Network ShipRush history across multiple sites
  • Serves as a backup of ShipRush history in case of PC loss
  • ShipRush Endicia free for 30 days
  • New, faster eBay downloading
  • Print more international label types on 4x6 thermal printers

eBay sellers can also use ShipRush to speed up their shipping processes by -

  • Print shipping labels with just a click or two
  • Auto print packing lists
  • Tracking numbers automatically uploaded to Buyer's My eBay
  • Tracking numbers automatically uploaded to Seller's My eBay
  • Automatic email to the buyer with tracking number
  • Automatic buyer feedback posted

You can use ShipRush and My.ShipRush together at no cost. ShipRush is free! Check out ShipRush today.

Founded in 1992, Z-Firm has been making ShipRush since 1998. The ShipRush mission is to bring big-warehouse shipment automation to small businesses. ShipRush is "FedEx Compatible," "UPS Ready," "UPS OnLine Compatible," and DHL Certified.


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