Wednesday, December 9, 2009

eBay Certified Provider Spotlight - INFOPIA

Infopia is an eBay Certified Solution Provider providing a comprehensive tool/solution for ecommerce retailers and eBay sellers since 1999.

Many of eBay’s larger sellers (Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond) use a solution such as Infopia. Infopia helps sellers prevent overselling through accurately managed inventory for multiple locations and channels. Infopia allows for multi-channel inventory management, and enables sellers to create set automated listing rules or strategies.

Unique features to Infopia's multi-channel solutions are:
  1. Salesforce integration
    Create a 360 degree view of your buyer. Know who your buyer is, issues they may have had with your product, spending habits and create targeted marketing for increase in repeat purchases.
  2. Configurator
    Infopia is the only company with the ability and is allowed by eBay to offer the Configurator. Basically the Configurator allows an eBay buyer to custom create an eBay listing to their specifications. Think creating a computer and picking the accessories and upgrades you want.
  3. Trade-In Program
    Sellers can take advantage of Infopia’s trade-in program capabilities and accept previously owned items and put the value of that item toward a new purchase on eBay. Example, a seller can accept trade-in of an old golf club from a buyer and give the buyer cash or credit it toward their new golf club purchase on eBay.

Infopia centralizes and automates an eBay seller’s business through a single all-in-one solution:

  • Manage listings and descriptions from a single inventory database
  • Supports eBay checkout
  • Immediate Payment for Fixed Price listings
  • Manage order processing, including checkout, payment, authorization and more
  • Manage shipping with integrations for UPS, FedEx, USPS and Endicia

Benefits of Infopia:

  • Centralize your multi-channel business in one place
  • Reduce UPIs
  • Attract customers with custom, configurable listings
  • Expand buyer base with the Infopia trade-in system
  • Maximize your profit potential with detailed analytics
  • Automate online business management

eCommerce sellers interested in using a solution such as Infopia to manage their business can contact the Certified Provider and decide if they offer the right tool for their business.

Founded in 1999, Infopia provides (Software as a Service) eCommerce solutions—helping eBay sellers grow their business efficiently and effectively.

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