Friday, November 13, 2009

Creating an Emotional Connection with Buyers Can Increase Sales by

Marketing Online: Why You Must Create an Emotional Connection with Your Customers - by Lisa Suttora, Founder & CEO of

If you think shopping is a perfunctory, logical process for us human beings… think again! The decision to make a purchase is largely based upon emotion (often subconscious emotions) that is then justified by logic.

Too often however, niche online sellers offer pages and pages of products that are devoid of emotion and personality.

Inanimate objects sitting on a page, the sales copy brings no life, no emotion, no meaning to what they sell. And because of that they don’t sell.

How then do you reach your customers and inspire them to click the “Buy” button?

You inspire by creating the right emotional connection with your buyer. One that speaks the language of a conversation that is already happening in their heads.

7 Questions to Help You Make an Emotional Connection When Marketing Your Products
If your product sales have been devoid of emotion so far, the prospect of creating an emotional connection when marketing your products may not come intuitively to you. Below are 7 questions that will help get you started connecting with your customers.
  1. What do your customers want?
  2. What do they care about?
  3. How can your product contribute to their life? Their day? Their well-being?
  4. What will inspire them? Perk them up? Make them feel some enthusiasm for what they are about to buy?
  5. What are their worries? Their cares?
  6. How can your product make their life easier, less stressful, more productive, calmer?
  7. How will your product make your customers feel?

No matter what you sell or where you sell it, you have to make an emotional connection with your potential customer. Go right now to your eBay listings and eBay Store and look at your product offerings through a new pair of eyes.

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rosy marshal said...

This is true that the on-line shopping is connected with the emotional feeling of the buyers. As they are paying there hard earned money, they should get better service and better products. Sellers main aim should be customer satisfaction and not the profit. Because if the customer will leave happily from the store then he is going to come again.
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