Monday, October 12, 2009

Save Time Answering eBay Buyer Emails with Hosted Support - eBay Certified Provider Spotlight

eBay sellers may find they are spending a large amount of their time answering buyer questions instead of focusing more on listing and strategy. To help sellers reduce the size of their inbox and save time answering redundant questions, Hosted Support (an eBay Certified Solutions Provider) has created a solution that can help, ezSupport for eBay.

ezSupport for eBay is a customer relationship and email management solution automatically responding to buyer emails through a knowledge base the seller has created. Also, sellers can use Hosted Support’s Searchable (Advanced) FAQs in their eBay listings allowing buyers to find their answer and never needing to email the seller.

For example, if a buyer emails or types into the Advanced FAQs, “What happens if the battery doesn't fit my cell phone?”, ezSupport for eBay will instantly email or display that specific seller's answer, such as, “Cell phone batteries may be returned within 14 days of receipt.”

ezSupport not only saves eBay sellers time but also increases the chances the buyer will bid or purchase an item by giving an immediate answer or response. If a buyer has to wait to hear back from an eBay seller, the chances of them bidding or purchasing greatly decreases.

eBay sellers report up to 80% of buyer questions can be handled by automated emails and FAQs.

Consider the customer and email management solution known as ezSupport by Hosted Support for sellers needing to reduce customer contacts and save money and time on customer support.

Key features of ezSupport for eBay:
  • Answer 80% of customer email – automatically
  • Create an extensive knowledge base
  • Auto respond to buyer email from “Ask Seller a Question” link on eBay
  • Customizable and Searchable FAQs knowledge base gives buyers immediate answers
  • Add, Edit and Delete FAQs at anytime
  • Natural Language Search
  • Retrieve and archive all eBay messages indefinitely
  • Maintain buyer contact records
  • POP email importing
  • Support multiple logins
  • Share knowledge base across multiple ezSupport accounts – Great for eBay sellers with multiple eBay IDs
  • Improves feedback and DSR scores
  • Responds to buyers who hide their email address
  • Adds 24x7 customer support to eBay listings
  • Easy 15 minute setup
  • Supports Windows and Macintosh
  • FREE 30-day trial

ezSupport for eBay with Advanced FAQs can be used FREE for the first 30 days. After the FREE 30-day trial it is priced at $19.95 per month, available on a month-to-month subscription basis.

eBay Sellers that are subscribed to Selling Manager (free) or Selling Manager Pro, can add ezSupport for eBay to their My eBay account with the new Selling Manager Applications. Same functionality and benefits, right in your eBay account.

HostedSupport is a leading provider of affordable customer support automation for web businesses and eBay sellers. Its easy-to-use system can be set up in 15 minutes and eliminates many of the customer support “pains” involved in answering and tracking customer questions, managing the returns process, and resolving customer tickets/cases. Businesses using HostedSupport's products increase their revenues an average of 25% and reduce their manual email workload by 80% or more.

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