Monday, September 28, 2009

My.ShipRush on eBay Radio - Save Time Shipping Across Mutiple Channels within My eBay

Listen on eBay Radio as ShipRush discusses how their new My.ShipRush for eBay Selling Manager Applications helps eBay sellers save time handling shipping and communications.


  • When used in eBay Selling Manager Applications, My.ShipRush is automatically configured to interact with your eBay account
  • Supports shipping for multiple carriers
  • Print shipping labels (with free shipping plugin)
  • Email notifications to the buyer with shipment status and tracking #
  • Use existing shipping accounts (in most cases)
  • Monitor and manage which items have shipped and which have not
  • Look up sales and shipment information from My eBay
  • See all ecommerce sales activity across multiple channels in one place, My eBay
  • My.ShipRush is free to try and free to use

eBay sellers interested in My.ShipRush or other apps in the "eBay App Store" known as Selling Manager Applications will need to be subscribed to Selling Manager (for free!) or Selling Manager Pro.

Founded in 1992, Z-Firm has been making ShipRush since 1998. The ShipRush mission is to bring big-warehouse shipment automation to small businesses. ShipRush is "FedEx Compatible," "UPS Ready," "UPS OnLine Compatible," and DHL Certified.

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