Thursday, September 24, 2009

eBay Workshop Sept 29th - Increase Your Repeat Sales with Buyer Rewards and Email Marketing

Workshop: New Selling Manager Applications - "Increase Your Repeat Sales with Buyer Rewards and Email Marketing"

Host: MyStoreRewards
Date: September 29th, Tuesday
Time: 11AM - Noon PST
Location: eBay Workshop Board

Description: It is more cost effective to retain a buyer than it is to attract new buyers. In this workshop, we'll look at how eBay sellers can drive repeat sales, build buyer loyalty and expand their buyer base with MyStoreRewards.

MyStoreRewards is a simple marketing solution enabling eBay sellers to offer cash back and coupons to buyers. eBay sellers can also create custom campaigns and directly market to previous customers and encourage repeat purchases. Sellers can do all of this direct from Selling Manager in My eBay!

MyStoreRewards is an eBay Certified Solution Provider and one of the third party providers included in the new Selling Manager Applications feature. Click here to learn more about Selling Manager Applications. After the material is presented we'll open the board for discussion and questions.

Visit to learn more about eBay Certified Providers and the services and solutions they offer to help eBay sellers.

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