Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eBay Workshop Sept 22nd - Research and Find Products to Sell on eBay, within eBay!

Workshop: New Selling Manager Applications - "Research and Find Products to Sell on eBay, within eBay!"

Host: Worldwide Brands
Date: September 22nd, Tuesday
Time: 11AM - Noon PST
Location: eBay Workshop Board

Description: Finding drop ship suppliers and wholesale suppliers that allow their products to be sold on eBay just became 1 GIANT step easier. Now you can access Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tool for eBay quickly and easily in your eBay account with the release of Selling Manager Applications for Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

Join us in this workshop to discover why finding drop ship and wholesale suppliers is much simpler than you think. We have video, images, and lots of educational content to show you exactly how it works.

Worldwide Brands is an eBay Certified Solution Provider.

Visit to learn more about eBay Certified Providers and the services and solutions they offer to help eBay sellers.

Visit the eBay Workshop Calendar to see all upcoming workshops and also to review past workshops.

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