Wednesday, September 30, 2009

eBay Certified Provider Fair - Helps Build eBay Customer Support Awareness of 3rd Party Services and Solutions

eCommerce Workflow eBay held its sixth Certified Provider Fair at the eBay Customer Support center in Salt Lake City, UT. The purpose of the event is to expose Customer Support employees at eBay to the software and services available to the eBay Community from external eBay partners qualified to be an eBay Certified Provider.

Over 300 eBay employees attended and viewed product demos, discussed each solution and relayed ideas and feedback on what their eBay sellers needs are. Lots of interest at the Certified Provider Fair on how Certified Providers support SR2 and help sellers adapt and succeed with the new changes.
eBay Customer Support teams were impressed at the range of software and services available to help eBay sellers be more efficient and successful -

Certified Providers in attendance:

  1. Vendio
  2. ShipWorks
  3. Auctiva
  4. Seller Sourcebook
  5. Worldwide Brands
  6. Terapeak
  7. inkFrog
  8. ShipRush
  9. Monsoon
  10. Selling Manager Applications from eBay Developers Program Team

To learn more about the tools and services from eBay Certified Providers, check out the Certified Provider website.

Click here to view photos from the Certified Provider Fair.

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