Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stand Out from the Crowd on eBay with Great Design

Stand out from the crowd on eBay by creating a recognizable brand. eBay buyers, especially previous purchasers, should be able to remember who you are, what you offer, quality of products and customer support. You can attract buyer attention and provide assurances with a professionally designed listing on eBay.

The new item page on eBay still allows sellers the opportunity to get creative and stand out! Preview your custom designed listing templates and see how your template "fits".

Great design not only creates a professional presence when selling online, but also establishes a recognizable brand. Buyers will be more likely to remember "who you are" with unique and memorable design.

  • Create effective design
  • Build a recognizable name/brand on eBay to suit your target buyer
  • Compete effectively with your competition
  • Establish professionalism and quality of your business and items

Consider enlisting effective design and marketing services of an eBay Certified Provider to help grow your current eBay business. eBay Certified Providers work with all levels of eBay sellers from beginners to advanced PowerSellers to online retailers.

Certified Providers:
Custom Design

As Was

Pre-designed eBay Listing Templates

Seller Sourcebook




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