Friday, August 14, 2009

MyStoreCredit Brings Buyer Rewards and Loyalty Marketing Direct to My eBay and Selling Manager

Listen on eBay Radio as MyStoreCredit shares how they became an approved third party application in the new eBay Selling Manager Applications feature, and how their applications , MyStoreRewards and MyStoreMaps, will increase profits for eBay sellers.

Sellers that subscribe to the MyStoreRewards or MyStoreMaps applications as part of the new Selling Manager Applications, will have a buyer rewards (coupon and loyalty) program and/or a visual map off their eBay buyers around the world right in My eBay. MyStoreRewards gives individual sellers the opportunity to extend

Benefits of using MyStoreRewards and/or MyStoreMaps within My eBay (Selling Manager) are:
  • Comfort - peace of mind knowing the company and application are vetted by eBay
  • Ease of use - sellers already know My eBay
  • Email marketing opportunities to reactivate past buyers or reward frequent/loyal buyers
  • Increase buyer confidence in a seller's ability to ship around the U.S. or the globe

MyStoreCredit is an eBay Certified Solution Provider delivering a buyer loyalty and rewards program for eBay sellers and PayPal merchants known as, MyStoreRewards. In addition, MyStoreCredit also provides a solution to help sellers reach international buyers with the fun and visual application of MyStoreMaps.

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