Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fox Business News - eBay and Terapeak Discuss Launch of Selling Manager Applications

eBay just launched Selling Manager Applications, now being referred to as eBay's App Store. Similar to Apple's App Store or how Facebook users add applications to their profile, eBay sellers can now add individual applications to their Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro that their eBay business needs. Sellers can complete their selling puzzle with these apps and do more.

"...[Selling Manager Applications] is a new App Store on eBay where sellers can go to find applications by third party developers that will help them improve their eBay businesses and increase their selling efficiency and profitability." - Kristina Klausen, Sr. Director of the eBay Seller Platform Efficiency Team.

Selling Manager Apps are easily accessible as the App Store lives inside Selling Manager. Any eBay seller can subscribe to Selling Manager (for free!) and peruse or subscribe to the various apps their business needs. All apps have a minimum of a 7 day free trial period.

Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider, is one of the first apps to be included in the new eBay App Store. Terapeak offers real-time market research and data analytics on eBay.

Fred Speckeen, CEO of Terapeak, - "Terapeak has been around for 5 years working closely with eBay and tens of thousands of eBay sellers...to deliver pricing research so that folks who are starting small medium sized businesses selling online can actually see ahead of time what kind of prices they are going to get before they buy their inventory. They can also track market movements, new trends in consumer interest. This in turn makes them much more profitable."

Subscribing to the Terapeak application as part of the new Selling Manager Applications, will give those sellers eBay research and their product performance right in My eBay.

Watch as Kristina Klausen and Fred Speckeen discuss the launch of eBay's new Selling Manager Applications for sellers and the benefits.

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