Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do Your Research - Learn How to Compete Effectively and Save Money on eBay

Probably the easiest and most cost-effective part of selling on eBay is research. Sellers gain valuable insight into their products performance on eBay, along with a competitive advantage over their competition simply by running a few searches with an eBay market research tool such as Vendio or Terapeak.

Unlike Advanced Search on eBay, research solutions analyze millions of listings and quickly provide data on pricing and listing strategy, identify trends, or even fill in your eBay listing template for you. Research your competitors with the click of a button. Stay ahead of the trends by looking back two full years, or quickly check out what categories are “hot”. Research tools will help quickly guide when to list, best day and time to list, the best keywords and categories to use, and the best price to sell at.

Benefits of Research:
  • Determine success and profitability of products beforehand
  • Improve your listing strategy
  • See the top Keywords buyers are searching for
  • Sell more items at a higher price
  • Save money on eBay listing upgrades
  • Know when to list your items and which format to list in
  • Determine where demand exceeds supply
  • Use category hot lists to view what’s hot in the eBay marketplace
  • Discover who the top sellers are in each category
  • Learn the competitions selling strategy
  • Research several eBay sites, including United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and France
  • Create custom research reports and save data
  • eBay Motors Parts & Accessories research (Terapeak & Vendio)
  • eBay Motors Vehicles research (Vendio)
  • Pre-fill your listings with the right price and strategy (Vendio exclusive)

eBay sellers interested in using market research to save on fees and compete effectively, should check out the following Certified Providers:



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hey its really good and informative post. i am new in using eBay so your tips and trucks will hep me a lot
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