Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monsoon Wins "Most Innovative" eBay Star Developer Award - Video Interview

Monsoon, an eBay Certified Provider, was awarded the eBay Star Developer Award for "Most Innovative" at eBay's 2009 Developers Conference in San Jose, CA June 17th.

The eBay Star Developer Awards are awarded each year to the eBay developers recognized for building applications on the eBay API platform and for their achievements in enabling sellers to improve customer service and keep pace with eBay's dynamic marketplace. Monsoon was recognized by eBay for their "Dynamic Pricing" feature.

Dynamic Pricing automatically searches for competitive items on eBay and will re-price a seller's inventory to beat their competition. Automatically reprice items up or down as demand fluctuates. Sellers can maintain the best price realization possible by leveraging their great DSRs and maximizing visibility in eBay search.

"For our customers, we found that conversion -- if you have real-time, accurately priced inventory -- jumped up between 5X to 15X compared to where the sellers had been previously -- a huge, huge increase in sales." - Clark Hale, VP of Product Managment for Monsoon

Congratulations to Monsoon for this distinguished honor and for their ability to assist eBay sellers with competitive pricing, maximizing the value of their items based on competition and demand!
Monsoon is an eBay Certified Provider assisting sellers with an end-to-end solution for the management, processing, pricing, and reporting for successful online selling. Monsoon supports, eBay Motors and

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Aaron S said...

I believe Marketworks had something like this too. I just couldn't get my head around automatically adjusting price without first considering the other factors that influence sales. I guess it depends on what you are going for ...velocity of sales over profit margins perhaps?

If you are strictly trying to blow out product with no regard to profit, it sounds pretty cool.

However, eBay gives you some nice real estate to merchandise your product, so I think before I just let software cut into my profit I'd put some thought into how to show the value of what I am selling.