Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter Trends on eBay - by Terapeak

Article provided by Terapeak

Summer blockbuster season is well under way, and so far we have seen the release of such box office giants as Star Trek, Transformers 2, GI Joe, and Up, all of which seemed near-perfect from a merchandising standpoint, and all of which we’ll be re-tracking once DVD-release-time rolls around (holidays, anyone?).

But later this week comes the granddaddy of them all: the sixth film installment of the adventures of Harry Potter, the half-muggle half-wizard who’s an industry all his own.

It should go without saying that now’s a good time to gather anything Potter-related and see what it’s going for. Just take a look at the following 30-day total sales trend for “Harry Potter” (and keep in mind that this data extends only to July 11th — nearly a week before the movie’s release):

Now you probably can’t see clearly (unless you’re really good at squinting), but that graph shows Potter selling tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods every day… and it’s not such a stretch to imagine the release of Half-Blood Prince shooting that number up significantly higher.

And to show that it’s not just sellers affecting Potter’s eBay ascension, here’s a similar 30-day All-Sites trend for “Harry Potter” bids per listing:

We’ve got a few Harry fanatics in the office here ourselves, but those of us who are not waiting in ticket lines all weekend will surely be tracking this up-tick going forward…

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