Tuesday, July 28, 2009

eBay Certified Provider Spotlight - CHANNEL VELOCITY

Channel Velocity helps brand name manufacturers, large retailers and distributors sell on eBay by providing a fully turnkey outsourced listing management solution since 2002.

Basically, it translates to a manufacturer or large retailer handing over their inventory to Channel Velocity to manage:

  • Warehousing
  • Listing
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Support
  • Shipping
  • Returns and Replacements
  • Marketing

Options available to sellers interested in outsourcing their eBay selling to Channel Velocity are:

Full Outsourcing: Channel Velocity can sell items for a manufacturer or large retailer on eBay under the current company name. The eBay Store and eBay items will fall under the company’s brand. (i.e. Channel Velocity warehouses, manages, sells and ships items for Phillips Electronics on eBay under the company name of Phillips. The eBay buyer is unaware Phillips has handed off their eBay selling to a 3rd party).

Or, Channel Velocity can take on inventory from a manufacturer, retailer or distributor and warehouse, sell and ship those items on eBay under Channel Velocity’s eBay account. This is to help manufacturers get the best value for their liquidation merchandise without appearing to compete with their resellers (aka no channel conflict).

Partial Outsourcing: Typically involves Channel Velocity working with a manufacturer or reseller client who has fulfillment and operational capabilities. Often, the client also can handle customer support and warranty handoff. Channel Velocity will generally oversee the listing and marketplace management, marketing and design, payment processing and technology as the core services.

Benefits of Channel Velocity:

  • Quickly and easily add eBay as an online channel
  • Turn excess inventory into cash
  • Value added services include testing and repackaging of products that are refurbished to ensure buyer satisfaction
  • Save time by outsourcing: just ship the product and receive a check and a report from Channel Velocity

Consider Channel Velocity if you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor interested in eBay as an added sales channel but unable to manage eBay selling. Also, Channel Velocity is a good fit for large eBay sellers who may need a service to warehouse, ship items and manage returns for them.

Channel Velocity is an eBay Certified Solution Provider providing the services and software multi-channel businesses need to increase profitability, ease of adoption, and efficiency. Channel Velocity has solutions for asset recovery for used and excess inventory, multi-channel management software, online trade-in programs, and branded outlets on eBay.

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