Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easy eBay Listing Revisions in Bulk with InkFrog

Listen on eBay Radio as inkFrog discusses how their eBay listing tool provides eBay sellers the the ability to bulk search and replace scheduled and live listings, allowing sellers to efficiently change their listings to adhere to eBay policies.

  • Bulk search and replace text in Item Description

  • Ability to edit any section of an eBay listing

  • Edit stored, scheduled and live inventory

  • Edit and update listings for multiple eBay IDs

  • Will not lose Recent Sales score

All tools adhere to eBay policies on revising listings, and keep your recent sales where policy allows. See our listing revision policy for more information.

inkFrog provides eBay sellers with an easy to use tool for efficient listing, photo uploading, live listing editing and managing of eBay sales. Visit inkFrog and sign-up for a 2 week free trial today!

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