Friday, June 26, 2009

Automate Shipping Invoice, Label, Postage Printing and Manage Customer Emails With ShipWorks

The ShipWorks software provides eBay sellers with a solution to streamline their shipping process. ShipWorks makes it easy to ship more in less time by eliminating manual data entry through integration and direct download of eBay shipping orders from PayPal. ShipWorks will keep track of a seller’s notes, shipments, tracking numbers and emails related to each order. Orders are easily searchable and easily organized using ShipWorks filters.

eBay Sellers can set up preferences within ShipWorks to perform common tasks automatically. Such as setting a preference to automatically print invoices, send shipment notification emails, and updating the online status of orders every hour. ShipWorks makes it easy to keep customers up-to-date with shipping and status notifications, automatically.

In addition to managing your shipping flow, ShipWorks is able to maintain a comprehensive list of your customers based on all orders in the system. This allows you to manage customer relationships. You’ll know which customers have generated the most orders, purchase amounts, where customers are located, etc… Customers are easily searchable organized using ShipWorks filters. Utilize ShipWorks reporting to find and track what your customers are buying and how much of it. Compare your actual shipping costs to the shipping costs you are charging. ShipWorks makes it easy to report on any aspect of your business.

Other Benefits of ShipWorks:
  • Support multiple carriers
  • Endicia and integration for USPS postage printing
  • Bulk package tracking
  • Bulk label printing
  • Bulk invoice printing
  • Leave eBay feedback in bulk with customized presets
  • Automatically update your "My eBay" status
  • Email management
  • Supports multiple user accounts
  • Package shipment auditing - claim entitled shipping refunds
If you are not finding all the support and automation you need to handle shipping with eBay and PayPal, then try out ShipWorks. ShipWorks is a complete shipping tool.

ShipWorks offers a FREE 30-Day Trial for all eBay sellers!

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