Friday, May 29, 2009

Increase Repeat Purchases on eBay with MyStoreCredit

MyStoreCredit is an eBay Certified Solution Provider delivering an easy-to-use buyer loyalty, rewards and coupon program for eBay sellers.

How can an eBay seller retain a buyer(s)? You had a successful transaction with a buyer. Now, how do you encourage the buyer to keep shopping from you on eBay? eBay Sellers need a simple and cost effective solution allowing them to drive repeat purchases from existing buyers. They need to also enticing new potential buyers to purchase from the seller with the promise of future rewards to come.

Solution: MyStoreCredit offers a simple marketing solution enabling eBay sellers to offer cash back and coupons to buyers, thereby enticing a return and repeat purchase. It is more cost effective to retain a buyer than it is to attract new buyers. eBay sellers can also create custom campaigns and directly market to previous customers and encourage repeat purchases with MyStoreCredit.

On average MyStoreCredit has increased the repeat purchase rate for eBay sellers by 12-24%!


  • Expand your buyer base
  • Attract buyers
  • Boost buyer confidence
  • Build buyer loyalty
  • Drive repeat sales
  • Increase profits

“MyStoreCredit is very easy to use. Only took me about five minutes to set it up and I have not needed to make any changes since the initial set up.” – David Duong, CEO of Shoemetro, eBay PowerSeller.

MyStoreCredit is an eBay Certified Solution Provider delivering a buyer loyalty and rewards program for eBay sellers and PayPal merchants since 2004. In addition, MyStoreCredit also provides a solution to help sellers reach international buyers with the fun and visual application known as MyStoreMaps.

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