Monday, May 11, 2009

ChannelAdvisor's Guide to eBay Spring 2009 Changes

It has been about a month since eBay announced changes planned for Spring 2009. Most announced changes will be live on June 15th. eBay did put together a landing page and FAQs to help address questions sellers may have. In addition to eBay educational resources, you may want to check out ChannelAdvisor's download white paper titled, "The Ultimate Guide to eBay's Spring 2009 Changes".

"The Ultimate Guide to eBay's Spring 2009 Changes" is written by ChannelAdvisor CEO, Scot Wingo. Gain an insightful understanding of eBay changes from a third party with an extensive history and knowledge of eBay, eCommerce and retail.

Scot will help sellers understand:

  • What changes will eBay be making in June and 2009 overall?
  • How will they affect your business?
  • How to utilize new Multi-Variation Fixed Price format
  • Gain the advantage over your competitors
  • eBay’s renewed focus on the secondary market and what that means for you as a retailer and seller
  • and more...

ChannelAdvisor is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider helping eBay sellers manage, grow and report on their eBay and multi-channel businesses since 2001.

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