Monday, April 20, 2009

Nominations Accepted for eBay Star Developer Awards

eBay sellers, we want you to nominate the company/solution/tool helping your eBay business succeed! If you are using a tool or solution for eBay and have found this tool to greatly benefit your business by saving you time, increasing efficiency, creating great customer service, etc...then nominate them for an eBay Star Developer Award!

eBay Star Developer Awards are awarded each year at our yearly eBay Developers Conference.

The five categories for our 2008-2009 awards are:

  • DSR Rockstar (improving customer service)
  • Most Innovative
  • Early Adopter
  • Service to the Developer Community
  • Rapid Evolution (boosting seller efficiency in a dynamic marketplace)

Please send your nomination to us via email -, by May 15th. Be sure to include:

  • “eBay DevCon Star Developer Award” and the category name in the subject line of your message
  • your name and contact info
  • the nominee’s name and contact info
  • the award category
  • and a brief explanation as to why you think the application is worthy of consideration

We are excited to see which companies and developers offer the tools and solutions benefiting our eBay sellers!


me myself and my jewelry said...

I appreciate the efforts & support that you have devoted to your customers!

Top said...

I absolutely appreciate Auctiva's service!

Glenn said...

Auctiva has helped me grow my business beyond expectations. Back in the dial up days it was the biggest timesaver I had. Now it's become so invaluable I wouldn't think of doing ebay with out it. My two most important ebay tools are Auctiva and Toolhaus.

Gwendolyne said...

This site has enabled me to to sell on ebay with ease.

Thanks very much and may your site win the reward on your energy

Satrntgr said...

This site has been amazing. Making my job easier and allowing me to offer my time to more and more customers who wish for me to sell their goods. Thanks Auctiva!!

Satrntgr said...
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Satrntgr said...
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bluedragondinh said...

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